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Terms & Conditions

General terms

This text is legal information about the use of the site (“DragonFlight Service” and “DragonFlight”). The customer, when buying any service or goods, is responsible for the full familiarization and understanding of all the conditions and marks indicated in this text.
This agreement between the customer (client) and the site Acquiring any service or goods the customer is obliged to put “consent” to these rules when paying for the goods. If you do not agree with our terms and conditions, please do not buy goods and services on our website.
The information (to which we refer) in these rules and conditions is also legally true, when the client acquaints himself with the points in these rules, he also confirms that he has looked through the links and agrees with what is written there.

By the site and browsing any content on the site, you will not be denied a license to be a member of the Blizzard Entertainment, Activision, Activision Blizzard, Riot Games Interactive and their appropriate affiliates and subsidiaries (individually and collectively, the “Unauthorized”)

When buying a product or service on the site df-boost you confirm that your computer can run the game, service or product to which you buy. Full familiarization with the minimum system requirements are presented on the official game sites, which are presented here and we refer to them.


Visiting the site and leaving your contact information, you communicate with us in electronic form and receive from us electronic messages regardless of the methods of communication (online chat, skype, discord, email or other messengers).
You consent to the fact that any information you provide is completely correct, without any changes and omissions. This means that all information received from you is perceived literally and can not be fabricated or changed when it is presented to us.
You consent to the fact that in case of disputes and conflicts, the information from you can be used as evidence and you fully confirm its truthfulness.

Copyright does not claim ownership of intellectual property, which is represented on the site, except for the copyright material (Logo, design, icons, news). All media content that is not the possession of our site is taken from open access and does not claim ownership of this content. Nevertheless, you can not use the author’s materials without the written agreement of DragonFlight Service resource owners, namely logos, pictures, graphics, design, audio and video content, icons and stuff. is protected by copyright law. All rights reserved. In case of violation of this paragraph, as the owner of its licensed material and content can protect their rights.

Services and products on our website you can purchase using the steps (Full information is listed here –

1) Select the order you need and click “continue”.
2) Select the options you need in the order, carefully study the recommendations and information about the order and click “Add To Cart”.
3) Click on “My Cart” (top left) and “View Card”. If you have a discount code, you can enter it on this page.
4) Click “Proceed to checkout” and enter your details: contact information, your wishes and click to pay.
5) When your order is paid, a representative of our site will contact you. makes no claim to the title of any of the unauthorized intellectual property. claims no title to any intellectual property interests held by Unauthorized. Except those granted by Unauthorized no intellectual property from this transaction. makes no representations regarding the transferability, use, and ownership of Unauthorized intellectual property. Once payment is received by and’s services are carried out, the buyer shall take the Sites’ place as a user of Unauthorized’s intellectual property, but only to the extent permitted by Unauthorized.

No Unauthorized employees are permitted to purchase from this website or from us by any method. Buyer wholly assumes all risks and agrees to the defend, hold harmless, and indemnify for any claims made by Unauthorized intellectual property. is not associated with Unauthorized in any way, and cautions buyer to avoid violating or infringing upon the intellectual property rights of Unauthorized. At the conclusion of the transaction, the buyer assumes that Boosting, pro indemnity from the entire transaction. Unauthorized in no way endorses or affiliated with this service or site.

Order Rejection and Account Verification has the right to reject any order, if it has certain suspicions or request full verification of the client’s data, namely the passport, driver’s license, confirmation of the address of residence, telephone number, as well as confirmation that the client’s client account belongs to him. has the right not to explain the reasons for rejecting the order to the customer. does not allow the use of PayPal account accounts (and other payment systems) and / or credit cards with an unconfirmed address and / or unapproved phone number. All transactions with such accounts can be canceled on detection.

Protection of property of clients does not provide information about customers and their gaming accounts to third parties. The buyer bears full responsibility for his gaming account, before / after / during the execution of the service. uses the necessary security methods and can use the protection methods required by the client, however is not responsible for blocking gaming accounts and other problems that appeared before / after / during the execution of the service.

Billing and Shipping does not have physical goods, all products are presented ONLY in this section ( and are veritable. All virtual objects belong to their respective original licensors.
Buying a virtual item (key, code) the client agrees that he is a worker and is not responsible for the use of this virtual item in the future, as he does not pretend to.
In the remaining sections, the virtual services provided by the site

 Disputes and refund policy

Return of funds to the client is carried out if the order from its side is not fulfilled by In any other cases, has the right not to pay back to the client, for example, if the customer did not give the correct information to his account, did not come to the time when had to fulfill the order and so on.

In the event of disputes and conflicts, first of all we advise you to contact us by mail / chat / skype / discord or any other messenger that is listed on our website.
Any dispute against should be submitted to the federal arbitration of the Russian Federation before submitting a claim for a dispute, make sure that you have fully read and understood the text of our terms and conditions with which you agreed / agree.

Privacy Policy (

All information about the privacy policy is indicated by this link ( . By reading these rules, you agree that the confidentiality policy is read by you, understandable and you completely agree with it.

Site Policy reserves the right to change any terms and conditions of the site. Clients need to independently monitor the changes in the rules, conditions and adjustments of the text written here.