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General Questions

Our team consists entirely of Blizzard, Valve players. We know how to make your order using the minimum short time and know how to make an order qualitatively.

We can execute any order in the games that are presented on our site - from simple, to the most complex. On our site there are actual orders for a certain moment of time, but if you want to buy something "rare" - contact chat, skype, email or discord.

Your order is fulfilled by the members of our booster team. These are different people who will perform your particular order depends on the game and its complexity. If you are interested, we can tell you the game nickname of the booster / guild / clan, but we can not give you real data.

All the information on how to make an order you can see here -

If you have any questions please contact chat, skype, email or discord.

All possible payment methods you can see when you pay for the order. However, in the near future, various payment methods will be added to the site.

We can refund your money in case we did not fulfill your order. Full information you can read in the section "Refund Policy" -