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Uldir Mythic boost is available! 3/8 5/8 8/8!

For more than a month, the heroes of Azeroth have been fighting Uldir raid dungeon bosses in different difficulty modes, but not everyone is able to defeat all eight bosses in Mythic mode – as usual the most difficult mode in the game. Many players want to get powerful item level 385+ items, and if they are lucky, the dropping items might be even better (there is a chance to get a Warforged item that will be higher by several levels), but not everyone has the opportunity to assemble an experienced team or spend a huge amount of hours per day for trying to beat the strongest bosses.

That is why our team is ready to help you and kill you some or all of the bosses in the Uldir raid. We have created a Uldir Mythic boost so that you can choose exactly how many bosses you want. The 2/8 boost includes killing Taloc and MOTHER; 5/8 includes killing of Taloc, MOTHER, Fetid Devourer, Vectis, Zek’voz; 7/8 includes Taloc, MOTHER, Fetid Devourer, Vectis, Zek’voz; Zul, Mythrax the Unraveler; and 8/8 service will provide you with the kills of all the bosses of Uldir, including the main one – G’huun.

EU/US servers – all the options available.  Contact our operators if you have any questions!